In short, we teach bread baking. But we do it a bit differently. We seek to give as many people as possible, through clear simple instruction and practice, the ability to create the bread of their dreams. Whatever loaf you crave, whatever ingedient combinations you desire, it is our hope that from following the lessons on this website you will gain the skills, and knowledge neccessary to create your own custom loaves.

Beyond this, we hope that a Breaducation will show people that baking great bread is not as hard or time consuming as it appears on the surface and that it is fully possible to never have to buy supermarket faux-bread ever again.


A Breaducation was started in 2012 by Jorgen Carlsen. Jorgen started baking bread in his spare time while attending the University of California at Santa Barbara and quickly became hooked. After graduating, Jorgen created a successful bread program for Osteria Stellina restaurant in Point Reyes Station, CA. After a year at the restaurant, Jorgen's thirst for more bread knowledge got the better of him and he applied for and was accepted as an intern at the San Francisco Baking Institute. After finishing his internship, Jorgen headed up the bread and viennoiserie at Craftsman and Wolves for two years. Currently, Jorgen is head of viennoiserie and bread at Jane the Bakery in San Francisco.

You can contact Jorgen here or visit jorgencarlsen.com.