Chad Robertson's Nordic Travels and Whole Grain Baking

A great article by Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery, written for Food Arts Magazine, was recently brought to my attention by breadsong from The Fresh Loaf. The article is all about Robertson's travels to the Scandinavian countries to learn about their breads and the Nordic style of baking. In the article, Robertson talks about the ancient flours and grains that are seeing a revival in the area and the many different ways they can be used to create delicious, flavorful bread. Towards the end of the article, Robertson shares his plans for using these grains in breads he's creating for his new bread sandwich shop in San Francisco and even shares his recipe for Rugbrøt, a dense Danish Rye bread. This is truly a must read for anyone who has an interest in whole grain baking, ancient grains or the Scandinavian way of making bread. It is inspiring to hear about his continued quest for great bread and how he is breaking away from some of the loaves and methods he has honed to try new things. I think that is the mark of a true food craftsman.

Check it out here: The Baker in The Rye